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Will You Remember Me?

Date Published: 17 July 2014
Book Number: 5
ISBN 10: 978-1781856529 | Kindle UK ASIN: B00KFDQVNC

The Story:

How do you say goodbye to your family for the last time?

Poppy Day is thirty-two and married to her childhood sweetheart. She's a full-time mum of two gorgeous children and loves her homely little cottage in the countryside. It's the life she aways wanted.

But Poppy is so busy caring for others she hasn't noticed how tired she is, or the menacing lump growing on her breast. It's unthinkable that cancer could defeat such a strong and amazing woman. But life doesn't always give you what you deserve...

A Note From Amanda:

I received a lot of feedback from readers who loved Poppy as a character in my first novel 'Poppy Day' and decided to revisit her life a few years later. In this book, Poppy is happy with her family and situation in general but as a reflection of real life, one day she makes a discovery that leaves her cold. Elements of this book were based on my own experience of a diagnosis and I wrote this story as a way for us to talk about an issue that is unfortunately too common in societies all across the world.

Standalone or Series?

Standalone (or as the final book in a three-book collection, in which case read Clover's Child first then Poppy Day before 'Will You Remember Me?).

Reader Reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 February 2017

This book has brought me the comfort and understanding I've sought since my mum died of cancer 33 years ago, when I was 12. I often wondered what could possibly have been going through her mind while she lay sick in bed as the world kept turning. I'll never know for sure, to my shame I wasn't around much at that time, like Poppy's daughter Peg, it didn't seem real. Now, a mum myself I see ordinary life with its petty problems as paradise on earth. I treasure being with my boys and aim to leave a loving legacy, as all anyone has is this moment. I wish I could give this book 10 stars, it has given me a peace I've long sought with the past and a new outlook for the future, but more than anything a deep gratitude for the present.
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 July 2019
I have read many of this authors books and loved them all but this was the most powerful and moving I have read so far. I read the first Poppy Day a couple of years ago and immediately downloaded this one too but did not read it till now. So very beautifully written and so moving. I cried on and off throughout. I absolutely loved all the characters, especially Poppy herself and Peg her hilarious, outspoken and wise 9 year old daughter. Poppys bravery, and the way she dealt with her family & her cancer was really awe inspiring. I lost my darling Mum to cancer and saw so many parallels and also I gained clarity for myself. I also enjoyed references to previous books in this series e.g the cake from Plum Patisserie, featured in the last book I read. Amanda Prowse is a wonderful writer. She really gets under the skin of her characters and all her stories ring so true. She has a true gift for story telling. Highly recommended. I can't wait to read more from her.
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 January 2016
It's not often I feel compelled to write a review for a book I have read and this is not a review for just Will you remember me but for the author Amanda Prowse herself. I only recently discovered Amanda and have now read six of her books in quick succession. I usually read late at night in bed as an aid to help me relax and sleep, this has not been the case whilst reading this authors books. Each book I have read has gripped me from page one and each one is page turner.
I am really amazed at the total understanding of the subject she is covering and the depth of her writing. As a reader we are not privvy to whether there is any personal experience supporting her writing but I imagine not because she would have lived one hell of a traumatic life,
Never before has any booked moved me so much, I actually sobbed last night reading this particular book - proper tears! the main characters in the no greater love series of books follow through and intertwine (though each book can be read as a stand alone story) and I felt I really knew Poppy day (the main character) . All Amanda's book will leave a lasting impression on you. but i believe Will you remember me and Three and a half heartbeats will never leave me.
The biggest problem I have have is that I can read quicker than Ms Prowse can write.


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