'The Boy Between' - reviewed 1st October 2020 on

This book has already begun to change my life. It’s opened my eyes and helped me to understand the people around me who are battling with depression. I myself and people in my life live with different kinds of depression and anxiety and reading this has had an incredible effect on me. I thought I understood it a bit and that I was being supportive of those around me, but reading Josh’s account and how Mandy’s optimism and tears made things worse (sorry Mandy) I see how unhelpful I have been to them. I also understand my depression a little bit more and that for me was fascinating.
This book isn’t just a memoir or a window into a pair of souls, it’s an incredibly useful tool for people like me who think we are saying the right thing and may actually be making it worse. I have already changed the way I interact, the type of questions I ask and how I phrase them. I recognise the difficulties with decision making and the need to be included without feeling overwhelmed.
I am a better person because of the courage Josh and Mandy have, by opening their hearts and their lives to show us what its really like to live with depression and how it affects everyone. This book is moving, powerful, hopeful and so incredibly beautiful in a raw and at times frightening account.
I cried, there is one point where I simply could not make out a single word on the page and I sobbed for quite a while before I could even move to get a box of tissues. I read it really quickly because even though I know how it ends (Josh is still here to tell his story) it was gripping.

This book is brutally honest and if you are triggered by anything relating to suicide, self-harm or anything related to depression then I would steer clear of this and pick something a little more Iight and fluffy. I know that sounds obvious but this isn’t a stereotypical self-help manual, it’s real life. It has some shocking statistics and some helpful contact information for sign posting to people who can help. I would say, if you’re looking for a better understanding of how to support those around you, it’s the best book on depression I’ve ever read. It’s the only one where I’ve had one of those lightbulb moments where suddenly so much makes sense and I know that this book will stay with me forever, seeing Josh’s words in my mind and knowing it’s helping both me and those around me.

Raw, beautiful and full of hope. An open window into two very amazing souls.
'The Boy Between' - reviewed 1st October 2020 on

This book will pull you in from the very first words. I have never before read such honest raw emotion as mother and son alternate telling their story of his suicidal depression.

I am not sure I would say that this book is for those who are currently struggling with this level of depression or for their loved ones who are watching them go through it. It is so raw and intense that living these two writers’ anguish might only compound the emotions of those who are also struggling. Rather, I think it is a book for the rest of us - a book wherein we can learn what this is like, this struggle to watch your child in anguish, trying to find meaning in life amidst despair, or to be that child. I have a good friend whose son chose to end that struggle; this book helped me to better understand what both the young man and his parents lived through for years.

Photos are included, always a plus.

Extremely well written.

Given the uptick in depression and suicide caused by the pandemic and other events of 2020, it can only help if we inform ourselves.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, from the perfect writing of Amanda Prowse to the cover with its fabulous title, One love, Two stories. I open the first page and couldn't stop reading till the last.

The author's style of writing, hooks the reader from the start and takes them on the journey with her, her use of words has you feeling like you are there with her, so beware of having a load of different emotions poor out of you because this book hit them all. I laughed, cried and at one point felt pride for the main character Anna, and shouted out "you tell him, girl"

Anna just wants a normal, happy life. And this is what she gets the day she is born however this did last long and her world falls apart. The story starts by introducing the reader to Anna and her life as a little girl right up to Anna as an adult.  Adult Anna she meets Theo and this is were the plot gets even better, both wanting love and happiness however both from very different lives with different struggles facing them.

This book doesn't just stop with Anna side; its clever plot runs through two books, the first being Anna side and the next book being Theo's. I can't wait to get my hand on the second book, though out Anna's book there are bit and pieces of Theo life that are left unanswered ready for the second part.

Amanda Prowse is such a strong writer and knows how to make her readers feel every word written, this book didn’t disappoint in anyway, for me it will go right to the top of my favourite reads.

Kellie C via NetGalley
My Husband’s Wife

Rosie has always dreamed of being someone's wife and mother, so when she marries Phil and has 2 children she thinks she is set up for life... Until he has a change of heart and meets someone else! I absolutely adored this book, having been in the same situation myself over 10 years ago i could totally empathize with Rosie and found myself crying with her when her ex husband takes the children for the weekend for the first time and she slumps down the inside of the front door howling, just as i did all those years ago. Beautifully written with some snippets of wit in there too and i raced through it in only a few days. The ending was a lovely surprise and i now cannot wait to read ALL of Amanda Prowse's books! Recommend it to everyone.

Linda Tilling via Goodreads

I actually read 85% of this book in one sitting, last night. I was so absorbed in Anna and Theo that I couldn't go to sleep. I adored this story. It haunts me and broke me into a million pieces.

I always identify in some way with the female characters in Amanda's books and Anna was no exception. Her tragic childhood was heartbreaking but it was her adult story that tore at me more. She is so real, raw and pure, that she made me cry huge gulping sobs. And I have to do it all again when I read Theo's story.

Trish Hills via Goodreads
The Food of Love

Amanda Prowse has produced another powerful and thought-provoking storyline. The Food of Love is an emotional and well researched story about a family battling with the effects of anorexia. It is a beautifully written, heart-wrenching and gripping book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this incredible story, albeit with lots of tears rolling down my face. I would highly recommend The Food of Love, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster of a read. An excellent and unputdownable book.

Alison Waterfield via Amazon Kindle
The Art of Hiding

Oh WOW I can see why author Amanda Prowse has a legion of fans, what a gifted story teller she is. I was expecting a compelling read, but no way was I expecting such an emotive and powerful one, the author certainly knows how to write a story that will pull on the most hardened heartstrings. It’s going to sound cliched but I really didn’t want to put this book down as I was so caught up In Nina’s story.

Nina appears to have it all, the dream home, holidays in exotic places, her children go to private school and the most difficult decision she has to make is what to have for tea. Life often deals a cruel hand and when her husband Finn is killed in a car crash, Nina is left with a mountain of debt and life changes for her in the most dramatic way. The Art Of Hiding follows Nina on her journey of self discovery and what a powerful and very “human” story it is.

Beautifully written with characters that are so incredibly real, dealing with “real” life situations The Art Of Hiding made for a compelling read. I must applaud Amanda Prowse on her ability to create such wonderful and believable characters, Nina for instance is a character with immense depth and strength and I found myself drawn to her, as she struggles to make a new life for herself and her two son’s I felt so many emotions that truly added to my enjoyment of this novel.

Amanda Prowse tells a remarkable tale but also a thought provoking one with a valuable lesson, society today is very much focussed on possessions, who has the biggest television? the newest phone? The Art Of Hiding very much shows there are far more important things to value in life, family, friends, a roof over our heads, everyone would be a lot happier being content with what they’ve got instead of striving to have the very best.

The Art Of Hiding is a story of grief, relationships and redemption and so much more. I would certainly recommend this book, and I’m thrilled to have found a new author’s books to read, and I’m even better I have a big back catalogue of books to read by Amanda Prowse, some of which I ordered as soon as I finished The Art Of Hiding

By Lolly Rugs via Amazon Kindle

I totally blame Ms Prowse for my lack of sleep last night.  I had decided to have an early night but thought I'd take a peek at this book first.  Big mistake as once I started reading, this book took a grip on me so tightly, that I simply could not stop until the very last page!  This is an absolutely stunning novel and the writing is so powerful and emotive that it leaves a lump in the throat throughout.  I absolutely know for certain that this book WILL be a bestseller.  This is Amanda Prowse at her finest.

Many thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this ARC for which I have given my voluntary and unbiased review.

Andrea S via NetGalley
Another Love

I was aware of Mrs Prowse’s reputation as a writer of hard, difficult contemporary fiction before I began this book, and wondered just what that really meant. I know now, and I have to say that she didn’t disappoint!

The subject matter at the core of the story is a harsh, brutal examination of the damage addiction can cause, both to the addict and the people around them. Told mostly in the third person, with interjections from a first-person within the story, the pace is varied – I did at first wonder how many episodes of addictive destruction would happen before “something happened”, but for all that, the writing is superb, the emotions well and truly wrenched throughout. As someone who has also skirted the edges of this particular addiction, as well as having met a number of people deep in the grip of it, the book was in parts very uncomfortable reading – but see my comments at the beginning.

I’m glad I persevered through the awkward bits. This is a strong, hard, no-holds-barred look at an all-too-common subject in the real world, and I can’t help thinking that if more people read this book, both sufferers and those around them might have a greater understanding of the mechanics behind the issue. A five stars from me.

Roz White via Amazon Kindle
Perfect Daughter

I first read Amanda's First book Poppy Day and have continued to read all her books. I have just finished The Perfect Daughter and this is one amazing book. It is about Jacks a 36 year old Mum, married to Peter with two kids Martha on the brink of heading for university and Jonty her much younger son. Jacks is also full time carer for her Mum Ida suffering with Alzheimer's. Amanda skilfully moves from present day Jacks to teenage Jacks. Jacks had dreams as a teenager like most do , she was going to conquer the world with the Swedish Sven, create a magical life. But life has a way of moving in different directions; you can't always control life actually outside forces of life can end up controlling you no matter how hard you try. Jacks has hopes and dreams for her daughter Martha and wants the world for her...she wants her to achieve the goals and magic she never quite achieved. To say more would give too much of the plot away. This book resonates so strongly on so many levels for me the reader. Amanda has a sheer genius in touching on pain, laughter joy, life, hope that in most authors lately, I have yet to find. I can only say this is a MUST read . I cried, I laughed I felt ...thank you Amanda.

Blondgranny via Amazon Kindle


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