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Countdown to Publication Day - An Ordinary Life - 9 February 2021

23-January-2021 21:43
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by Admin

If you were thinking 'I wonder when the next Amanda Prowse' book is coming out then there's good news - it's not too much longer now... 

On Tuesday 9 February next, 'An Ordinary Life' will be published in Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Audiobook formats.  Telling the story of Molly, who, as an older lady, recounts the exploits of her youth.  To those who don't know her, it might appear that she has led an ordinary life, but in reality she has had anything but including a period in the Second World War when she risked her life for her King and country.

Pre-order 'An Ordinary Life' now from the UK Kindle Store and avoid missing out on this amazing story.

Amazon Kindle UK - 'An Ordinary Life'


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