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'The Boy Between' Special Offer Download

23-January-2021 21:25
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by Admin

Following its release, 'The Boy Between' went straight to the Mental Health No.1 spot across three continents (USA, UK and Australian and New Zealand). 

Since the 1st November 2020, it has amassed over three thousand 5 Star ratings in Kindle stores with kind and heartfelt reviews praising it for its inspirational, honest and raw account of a family whose son is overtaken by a severe case of depression.

Full of practical insights and conveying a message of hope, 'The Boy Between' has set the standard for understanding what it is like to be caught in the grip of such a debilitating mental illness and busts the myths that surround it.

You can download a copy of 'The Boy Between' now for just £1 on a limited time offer that must end soon.


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