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The Art of Regret

04-July-2021 14:31
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by Admin
Amanda was delighted to announce that following the release of her latest novel 'Waiting to Begin', in partnership with her publisher, she has launched a campaign called 'The Art of Regret'.
'Waiting to Begin' follows Bessie on her journey through life on just two dauys, her 16th and 53rd Birthdays, two days separated by 37 years. Life didn't turn out for Bessie quite how she planned and she's been carrying a secret all that time which threatens to surface and wreck her life for good.
During that interim period of 37 years, she has lived with regrets over some decisions that she made and some opportunities that she missed, events which struck a chord with readers, the majority of which felt the same.
As a result of this feedback, 'The Art of Regret' campaign has been launched with lots of billboard adverts in major cities in the UK where anyone who is living with regrets is invited to share them (anonymously if you wish) on the website below.
If you think that your regrets have ever held you back, or you think that you can help others to break the cycle of regret, then head over to and share your thoughts to help people break free from the past and live their lives how they would wish to.
Much love, Amanda Xx
PS Here's a short video of me talking about it, please don't look at my lockdown hair!


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