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The Light in the Hallway

Date Published: 11 November 2019
Book Number: 23
ISBN 10: 978-1542041171 | ISBN 13: 978-1542041171 | Kindle UK ASIN: B07RK8XBNK

The Story:

When Nick’s wife Kerry falls ill and dies, he realises for the first time how fragile his happiness has always been, and how much he’s been taking his good life and wonderful family for granted. Now, he suddenly finds himself navigating parenthood alone, unsure how to deal with his own grief, let alone that of his teenage son, Olly.

In the depths of his heartbreak, Nick must find a way to navigate life that pleases his son, his in-laws, his family and his friends—while honouring what Kerry meant to them all. But when it comes to his own emotions, Nick doesn’t know where to begin. Kerry was his childhood sweetheart—but was she really the only one who could ever make him happy?

And in the aftermath of tragedy, can Nick and his son find themselves again?

A Note From Amanda:

This book examines the notion of love the second time around - for someone say in their 40's or 50's. Should people put their own happiness first, or do their duty by their families? Nick and Kerry were childhood sweethearts who get married early and have a wonderful life together. But when Kerry is taken seriously ill and dies prematurely, Nick is left to look after his son, Olly alone and having to learn how to run the home and fend for themselves without Kerry to take care of the domestic duties which they both took for granted. But with Olly about to leave home for university, Nick starts to not only question what he wants in the future but to re-examine his past which makes him start to wonder if he truly was happy with Kerry, or were they just going through the motions? When the opportunity for a new romance appears, Nick has a choice to make, does he conform to what his son an sister in law want him to do or does he take a chance and risk losing his family?

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Reader Reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 November 2019

Verified Purchase
I don't think I can actually put I to words how incredible I found this book.
The characters are amazing and I absolutely love that it's told from the male perspective. I found myself willing on and almost shouting at characters at some points and I got emotionally invested on such a roller-coaster my poor husband could barely get my attention.

I laughed out loud at some of the 'helpful' comments and judgements from family members and the dynamics between Nick and Ollie are I feel very accurate. It's great to be able to read something that looks at the mental health and grief of families in such a powerful way. I cried (but only once) and I've enjoyed reading it so much I've just purchased it on audible as I love Amanda's narration and the extra emotion and depth she brings to her book by reading it herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am loving the audio book version. Another stellar read I would hesitate to recommend!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 November 2019
Verified Purchase
Amanda Prowse has a knack of getting under the readers skin in every book she produces and this one is no exception, right from the first chapter my tears were flowing when Nick's childhood sweetheart, Kerry dies and Nick is left wondering how he's going to cope without her and what sort of dad he will be to his 18 year old son Olly now that he's got to go it alone as a single parent, as Kerry was always the mainstay in their marriage.

This is a story of love, loss, relationships, friendship and family and is told over two timelines; the present day and, at the end of each chapter, 1992 where we are taken back to Nick's childhood in which Amanda portrays the strong bond of friendship between Nick, Eric and Alex beautifully and the trials and tribulations they are faced with as they are growing up.

This author brings her characters to life through the pages of her books and makes them so realistic that I feel I'm living their lives with them. She covers topics that resonate with us all as we, or someone we know, face these at some point in our lives, she delivers them so on point and so beautifully that it's impossible not to be affected in some way, I cried so many times through this one. Nick really captured my heart, dealing with not only his own grief, but also having to consider the feelings of his son and Kerry's family as he continued with his life after her death, I just wanted to wrap him in a great big hug and take all the pain away from him. I'm a huge fan of Amanda Prowse and she totally smashed this one, another bestseller I reckon which I highly recommend.


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