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The Girl in the Corner

Date Published: 11 December 2018
Book Number: 21
ISBN 10: 978-1503904996 | ISBN 13: 978-1503904996 | Kindle UK ASIN: B07FJWRVD7

The Story:

Rae-Valentine and Howard were childhood sweethearts. They’ve shared twenty-five peaceful years since they were brought together by Dolly, Howard’s larger-than-life sister. But now, on the night of their wedding anniversary, Howard reveals a shocking betrayal that leaves Rae reeling.

Heartbroken, she takes Dolly on her would-be anniversary trip to Antigua and the two women drink and dance and talk like they haven’t in years. But in the break from real life, Rae realises her choices have always been made for her, and suddenly she’s questioning not only her fragile marriage but also her one-sided friendships. Is she really the pushover everyone else sees?

When Howard comes looking for reconciliation, Rae has a choice to make: keep the peace, as she always has, or put herself first for once and find out who she really is.

A Note From Amanda:

I wrote 'The Girl in the Corner' as a woman's journey of rediscovery. It explores the idea that the only person that holds you back from fulfilling our potential is you. I know that things aren't always that simple but maybe if you have the right mindset, that might start unlocking things and allow things to happen...

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Reader Reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 December 2018

I'm shocked, I'm completely blown away by this book. Some of Amanda's work is heavy going or a subject that is sensitive or taboo and she handles them so well. This is such an amazing breath or fresh air from the tragedy and drama, or is it?
There are so many times in my life that I have felt like the Girl in the Corner and it really does resonate with me. It's funny and witty and a little sarcastic in all the right places. It's also got a great amount of trauma and once again Amanda has managed to perfect the right level of real-life accuracy. I completely fell in love with all the characters, but Rae-Valentine, such a powerful and resilient woman just had me captivated from the very beginning. I found myself willing her on, wanting her to step out from the corner and simultaneously trying to put myself in her shoes and wondering what I would do if it was me.
There's a situation around page 100 that had me simultaneously cringing and crying with laughter. I managed not to cry until the last few chapters, but alas Amanda got me again with such an emotive and powerful ending.
I have to say that I also absolutely loved the cover, it's stunning and the picture doesn't really do it justice. For an author who said she was only going to write 20 books, thank heavens she didn't stop, book 21 is wonderful and I can't wait to read book 22!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 December 2018
This was my read from this author. I can honestly say it won’t be the last.

You would think from the narrative that it’s going to be “same old same old” trust me you couldn’t be more wrong.

I don’t give spoilers but this is story about a woman discovering herself.

1 click now you won’t be able to put it down


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