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The Art of Hiding

Date Published: 18 July 201y
Book Number: 16
ISBN 10: 978-1611099553 | ISBN 13: 978-1611099553 | Kindle UK ASIN: B01NCX8IGH

The Story:

Nina McCarrick has it all: a loving husband, two beautiful boys, a well-appointed home and more time than she knows what to do with. Life is perfect. Until her husband, Finn, is killed in a car accident and everything Nina thought she could rely on unravels.

Alone, bereft and faced with a mountain of debt, Nina’s life of luxury quickly disappears and she begins to question whether she ever really knew the man she married. Forced to move out of her family home, Nina returns to the rundown Southampton council estate—and the sister—she thought she had left far behind.

But Nina can’t let herself be overwhelmed—her boys need her. To save them, and herself, she will have to do what her husband discouraged for so long: pursue a career of her own. Torn between the life she thought she knew and the reality she now faces, Nina finally must learn what it means to take control of her life.

Stirring and empowering, this novel from bestselling author Amanda Prowse once again plumbs the depths of human experience in this tale of one woman’s loss and love.

A Note From Amanda:

This is a rags-to-riches-back-to-rags story with a couple of twists. The story starts with Nina doing very nicely thank you. She has put her poor past behind her having married well and enjoying the trappings that go with it. However, as can sometimes happen in real life, everything that she knows changes with a twist of fate. When Nina discovers that her husband has been keeping secrets from her she has to find out what is really important in life and maybe learn some lessons from her sister...

Standalone or Series?


Reader Reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 July 2017

Another fabulous read from Amanda Prowse. This book starts off sad which is a different route than normal for her and you think you might get away without tissues! Fear not, this book still had me blubbing like a baby. Again the wonderful thing about Amanda's books is you could have the starring roll (god forbid) and the unfortunate things that happen to her characters could easily happen to you! They make you think and question your own lifestyle. Hugely enjoyable book and Mrs Prowse is still not falling from the high branch on my favourite author tree
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 August 2017
I really do not know how I am going to justice to this book with my written word.
5% in and tissues where required
The story of Nina, Connor and Declan in their journey as they struggle from riches to rags
A story of growth of moving forward, of gaining confidence, of working through a previous time, before the tragedy that had occurred that changed their lives and slowly finding their true selves. This became a way of learning to accept who they were. To realise what the previous part of their lives were about. Sister Tiggy a massive part of the growth –
More big tears fell towards the end - I could write a lot more, but I don’t do spoilers, but is a story very close to my heart! So many parts of it resonated with me.
This book proves my belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I truly feel it was written from the heart of being involved in a similar situation – I do not know how else Amanda could have found the words and written the story


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