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Date Published: 26 July 2018
Book Number: 19
ISBN 10: 9781788542142 | ISBN 13: 978-1788542166 | Kindle UK ASIN: B0798SF7V6

The Story:

Kitty Montrose lives an idyllic life in the Scottish Highlands. An adored only child, she delights in the closeness she shares with her horse-riding mother and her gentle father.

But her perfect world is shattered when her mother is diagnosed with clinical depression. The illness lurks in their home like a dark monster. Kitty finds solace and escape in the arms – and the bed – of her best friend Angus.

Soon they are married, with a baby on the way. But what happens when Angus turns cold and unfeeling? Will Kitty regret staying with him for the sake of their child? And, years later, can Kitty's old flame, Theo Montgomery, help her to discover her perfect life? Or is it too late for them both?

A Note From Amanda:

I wanted to explore the idea of happiness and what makes people happy so came up with the idea of 'Anna' and 'Theo'. Essentially, Anna is very poor but has a mum who loves her and Theo's family are incredibly rich but they don't have any time for him. So can money buy you happiness, or is having a loving family worth more than having a big house? Anna and Theo's story was originally going to be a single book but I couldn't fit all of the details in, so I split it into two stories. To give it more depth, I told the stories from each of their perspectives separately, so when a scene is shared, if you read both books, you get different information from to give you a richer understanding of the situation. In addition to that, to fill in any remaining gaps, I included a third book in the collection, 'How to Fall in Love Again' which tells the story from Kitty's point of view, a girl who went to Theo's school and knows some of Theo's background. All of these titles can be read as standalone books but when you read all three then the overall story has greater depth and should be read, 'Anna' first, then 'Theo' and finally 'How to Fall in Love Again' which is Kitty's story.

Standalone or Series?

Book 3 of 3 in the 'One love, two Stories' collection. Can be read as a standalone book but better when read after 'Anna' and then 'Theo'.

Reader Reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 August 2018

Verified Purchase
This book goes between Kitty as a youngster and as an adult. Then back and forth through her adult life
To begin with it was gentle with small insecurities coming through
I started writing this review when I was 18% in because a reality came to light – one I had suspected but not as in depth as it was. It was at this stage I became totally hooked. 34% I am more and more intrigued! By 46% in I was on an emotional roller coaster!
I was totally absorbed in this book - I loved the unravelling and moving forward as it all progressed. Sad things and happy things and lots of progress as you get further and further in. 68% in pure joy and true beauty so as it only 68% was I to expect them dramas to follow? 75% in am I right or wrong?
I am giving nothing away as I don’t do spoilers – this was a book that held me from begin to end
I do suggest you read Anna first then Theo and then this book. I really, really recommend all Amanda Prowses books – and it truly feels that in every book she writes, she writes from experience
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 August 2018
Verified Purchase
I jumped in with both feet. I'd read Anna and Theo and I just couldn't resist even though I was supposed to be saving it to read on holiday. I was completely blown away!
I cannot even begin to put into words how this book makes me feel. I thought at the time (and said as much on my earlier reviews) that having two perspectives of one great love story was literary genius. This takes it to a whole new level.
I fell in love with Anna and Theo, but was also drawn to Kitty as a character when I was reading Theo and am so glad that Amanda decided to share Kitty's story with us. I love that as you read it, from kitty's point of view, you're taken back to a time in Theo's life when things were hard, but you suddenly have a new perspective. Seeing his life from her point of view and understanding fully the complexity of the relationships.
I really enjoyed the way the story was told, through memories and flashbacks. It kept it interesting without being too heavy going. I'll admit that I cried a few times, but I wont say why, because I'd hate to spoil the story for anyone.
I have adored all the characters throughout this great love story and Kitty made them all come to life again and made me love them even more.
I also found that the way that the characters deal with such complicated family and social issues is once again highlighting what an amazing writer Amanda truly is. Her ability to take really complex, sensitive and sometimes taboo subjects and write them into her stories with such sensitivity, accuracy and passion makes this book even more addictive.
I found the ending to be perfect. I was disappointed it was all over. I have enjoyed so much learning all about Kitty (and Anna and Theo) but I'm not left wanting more, like I am with so many books, this I feel left me feeling the journey was complete. I was left a little emotionally wrung out and had a bit of a book hangover, but wow what an incredible journey.
Whilst Kitty could be easily read as a standalone book, I would thoroughly recommend reading Anna and Theo too. I don't think it matters what order you read them in, but if you love the characters it's a great way to really learn more about them.


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