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Clover's Child

Date Published: 1 July 2013
Book Number: 3
ISBN 10: 978-1781854266 | Kindle UK ASIN: B00BOE1DGQ

The Story:

When eighteen-year-old Dot meets Sol, she feels that love has arrived at last. Solomon Arbuthnott is a man who can bring colour and warmth to her drab life in sixties London - and what's more, he is a young, handsome soldier with excellent prospects.

But this is 1961. East End girls don't date West Indian boys, let alone fall in love with them and leave the country. They stay at home and live the life their parents planned for them. Even if it leaves them lonelier than they ever thought possible. Even if it rips their heart in two...

A Note From Amanda:

The main character in 'Clover's Child' is Dorothea, or Dot for short. She was Poppy's nan in my first book 'Poppy Day' and after I received a lot of messages about her in that role, it made me wonder what she might have been like as a young woman and this is the story that I imagined for her...

Standalone or Series?

Standalone (or as the first book in a three-book collection in which case it comes before Poppy Day followed by Will You Remember Me?)

Reader Reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 October 2018

Verified Purchase
I love Amanda Prowse books!
Almost a prequel, but a fantastic standalone story charting the life of Dorothea, or Dot, in the sixties, a time when mixed-race relationships were a rare occurrence, and extremely frowned upon.
We see her meet the love of her life, Solomon, a West Indian man from a wealthy family, but due to the colour of his skin, they are unable to live life the way they would like to. He renames her Clover, as to be called Dot, an insignificant blemish, is not worthy of her.
Pregnant with the child of a coloured man, sent away by her parents, and married to someone deemed more suitable, this is a heartwrenching read...
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 August 2013
Verified Purchase
I had never read an Amanda Prowse book before and will admit I only downloaded this book because it was on offer at a knockdown bargain price on kindle books. Am I glad that I did!! I would say this is one of "the best books" that I have read - ever....and have I read a few!! The story is set during the 60's and being a 60's child myself I could relate to the setting and the attitudes of the time. The book tells the story of Dot and her family who are so against her being with the love of her life, I don't want to say to much for fear of giving away the story, but I laughed and I cried. Dot's story is at times so very funny and at others it is heartbreakingand. To be honest, I could not put this book down and when I did I couldn't wait to pick it up again! I was genuinely sorry when the story was finished which made me then go on to dowload the other Amanda books....I then discovered although written afterwards - Clovers Child was indeed a pre-quel to her second book!! So I would recommend everyone to read Clovers Child before Amanda's other books. (Although not a trilogy, trese books are intertwined by characters). I have recommended Clovers Child to family and friends - a fantastic book - a great story!!


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